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The Computerized 2016 In-Service Examination

We were extremely pleased with the positive feedback received from the In-Service Examination and Oncology Knowledge Assessment Test last year. We greatly appreciate your continued support and assistance in making it a successful implementation and hope that the processes become easier for everyone with each new exam year.

The date for these exams will remain the same as the previous years, which is the third Saturday of November (November 18, 2017). As a guideline, it should be started after 7 a.m. and completed by midnight in your time zone.

Registration information for the 2017 ISE and OKAT will be sent to you in early July. Again this year and going forward, all training programs will administer the exam for their training program only. Residency programs located in cities with multiple programs will no longer rotate hosting the exam.

You will need to determine the venue for the exam (i.e., local testing center, department/division computers, or personal laptops). Replicate the testing environment you used last year if you were happy with the outcome. Otherwise, contact your Department of Surgery as they currently administer their American Board of Surgery Resident exam at campus testing centers. You may be able to duplicate what they are doing and use the same testing facility. This could save you some time when determining how you plan to administer the exam. Personal laptop computers may be used if you don’t have a testing center or enough desktops. It will be necessary to perform a system check on each computer used and download a secure browser one week before the examination regardless of the venue selected. More details can be found under Advanced Instructions.

As in previous years, some programs may be hosting individuals taking the Oncology Knowledge Assessment Test (OKAT), and some may have ABU Preliminary Candidates. Guest OKAT, ABU, and ISE participants are responsible for contacting their host program site for testing arrangements, including start time, location, and method of testing (i.e., if they need to bring a laptop). Your program will be responsible for making accommodations for these individuals. Programs with an accredited fellowship program should contact their residency program director regarding testing arrangements.

To ensure the integrity of the examination, we continue to require two full-time faculty proctors from your program be present. This is important in the event of an emergency situation where one proctor is unable to assist.

For questions or concerns please email