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Young Urologists Committee Members

The Committee is comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair, one member appointed by each AUA Section, one Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) who has completed a DO residency program in Urology, an active duty Military Urologist, appointed by the Society of Government Service Urologists (SGSU), a Liaison to the Public Policy Council, a Liaison to the Residents Committee, an ACS Liaison, an AMA Liaison and consultants.


Matthew S. Christman, MD


Sero Andonian, MD

Vice-Chair, Northeastern Section Representative, Public Policy Liaison

Hans C. Arora, MD

Residents Committee Liaison

Sammy E. Elsamra, MD

New York Section Representative

Steve Hudak, MD

SGSU Representative

Mark Katz, MD

New England Section Representative

John S. Lam MD, MBA, FACS


Robert A. Linden, MD

Mid-Atlantic Section Representative

Jay Raman, MD, FACS

American College of Surgeons Liaison

Trey Raybourn, MD

AMA Representative

Kyle A. Richards, MD

North Central Section Representative

Julie M. Riley, MD

South Central Section Representative

J.Patrick Selph, MD

Southeastern Secton Represenative

Sean P. Stroup, MD, FACS

Western Section Representative

W. Britt Zimmerman, DO

Doctor of Osteopathy Representative