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Things to note about 2016 PQRS:

  • The minimum reporting level for 2016 remains 9 measures covering at least 3 domains of care. Also, at least one of the 9 measures must be a cross-cutting measure.
  • To satisfactorily report a measure, you must report on at least 50 percent of the Medicare Part B patients that are applicable to that measure.
  • Participants may also report using a measure group. If this is selected, users must report each measure in the group for a minimum of 20 patients (a majority of whom must be Medicare Part B patients).
  • CMS continues to offer reporting options for individuals and group reporting. If you select group reporting, you must have registered with CMS as a group by June 30, 2016.
  • The data reported in 2016 will be used to assess the 2018 payment adjustment for incorrectly or not reporting. The penalty will be -2 percent.

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