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AUA Data Grants

The AUA Data Grants fund research proposals that address key knowledge gaps and emerging research questions related to urological care, workforce development and health policy. The grants promote novel and methodologically rigorous analyses that inform policymakers, payers, the urology community, other healthcare providers and the public about key issues in urological care. They focus population-based, data-driven, specialty generalizable studies using electronic health records, data maintained by the AUA (including population-based survey data, administrative and claims data, and the certification/licensing files) or other data sources already available to investigators.

Each grant has a maximum of $25,000 and is distributed in two installments. The funding aims to cover up to one year of costs related to project initiation, management, implementation and presentation (excluding salary support for the principal investigator). Additional data and analytical support from the AUA Data Department is available.

Please refer to the Data Grants FAQs page for additional information.

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The deadline for applications and Letters of Intent (LOI) has passed. AUA will accept LOIs for the 2018 AUA Data Grant awards beginning in June of 2017.