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The AUA connects urologic researchers to the various resources that are available to the broader urologic research community. While taking the lead to develop these initiatives, the AUA is also committed to promoting external resources to promote scholarly exchange and collaboration.

These institutions highlight impactful resources available to the urologic research community, including biorepositories, institutional resource centers, and other forms of support for researchers.

The University of Wisconsin – Madison O'Brien Center

The University of Wisconsin (UW)-Madison O'Brien Center is a multi-site research cooperative between the UW-Madison, the University of Massachusetts-Boston and the NIDDK. The Center focuses on benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a highly prevalent disease among aging men. The UW-Madison O'Brien Center has established a core facility to develop and rigorously validate methods to assess mouse urinary function and provide expertise in imaging, pathological analysis, specimen procurement and data dissemination.

Kidney Translational Research Core (KTRC)

The Kidney Translational Research Core (KTRC) is a comprehensive biorepository and service Center for translational research in kidney and related diseases. It houses clinical data and a variety of biospecimens from more than 3500 patients with diseases affecting the kidney and bladder. KTRC also provides assistance with regulatory procedures related to human studies, access to specimen processing and cryostorage facilities and customized patient recruitment for specific research projects related to kidney disease.

Prostate Cancer Biorepository Network (PCBN)

The Prostate Cancer Biorepository Network (PCBN), supported through federal funding, is a public bioresource that provides tissues and other biospecimens to all prostate cancer investigators. This biorepository maintains high quality, well-annotated specimens obtained in a systematic and reproducible fashion using optimized and standardized protocols.

Mayo Clinic O'Brien Urology Research Center

The goal of the Mayo Clinic O'Brien Urology Research Center, supported by the NIDDK, is to bring specialized resources and interdisciplinary collaborations among seasoned and new investigators to bear on the characterization, pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of urinary stone formation. Center investigators are interested in exploring collaborations with other sites interested in urinary stones.