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Awards & Scholarships

Each year, the American Urological Association (AUA) honors the contributions of physician researchers and educators to the field of medicine, the specialty of urology, and the AUA.

The AUA also offers a range of learning experiences and formal programs to identify and mentor emerging leaders in the field of urology – and cultivate future AUA leaders.

AUA Awards Program

Scholars involved in leadership and academic programs become active in the AUA Sections and gain prominence through involvement at the national level. The AUA Awards Program honors outstanding career contributions, recognizing excellence in urologic research and education as well as dedication, leadership and service to the Association.

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AUA Secretary Commendation for Global Leadership

The AUA fosters close partnerships and friendships around the world. Each year the AUA recognizes key partners who have worked on AUA’s behalf in their country. The Secretary Commendation for Global Leadership is given out each year during a plenary session of the AUA Annual Meeting.

The AUA Leadership Program

The AUA Leadership Program develops the leadership skills of and provides networking opportunities to urologists who are interested in assuming governance responsibility within the AUA. The Gallagher Health Policy Scholar is one such program designed to prepare the next generation of urologists to fill vital leadership roles in health policy.

AUA Academic Exchange Programs

On the international front, a range of academic exchange programs provide young urology faculty with an international perspective on urologic medicine. The AUA offers reciprocating programs with many host countries by allowing one-month visits at academic centers and attendance at hosting organization's annual meetings. During these visits, scholars observe urologic surgeries/procedures, attend clinics and staff activities. Through these programs allow scholars to share knowledge and experiences and are designed to foster a closer alliance between the AUA and its affiliated organizations. They are competitive, carry prestige and help to identify future leaders within both organizations.

Scholarships & Programs